A series of blocks representing AWS services. A checkmark covers the services that AppPack uses.

Painless AWS setup

Setting up a new AWS account is a painstaking experience. The list of services to learn and configure feels endless, VPC, ALB, ECS, ECR, ACM, RDS, SSM, IAM and many more. No need to learn Cloudformation, AWS CDK, or Terraform. AppPack gives you the tools to set up your AWS account securely in a matter of minutes.

AppPack's CI pipeline showing various states for build, test, finalize, release, and deploy.

Production-ready CI
on day one

Every AppPack app gets a full production-ready deployment pipeline built on AWS services. It will build, test, release, and zero-downtime deploy your app right out of the box. No more endless fiddling with custom yaml files and external CI tooling.

AppPack's minimal configuration for Python, Node, and Ruby.

Zero app configuration (almost)

Ditch the Dockerfiles and confusing Kubernetes manifests. You can get started by defining the command to run your webserver and AppPack will do the rest.

Focus on your code.
AppPack's got the rest.

AppPack is built by ops engineers who build and scale large-scale applications every day.

  • We have a platform to manage sporting events, so loads are small most of the time, but huge when Saturday comes. AppPack helped us to migrate everything to a scalable, secure platform on AWS without us needing to spend years learning all the details of myriad Amazon services. The support is also fantastic.

    Photo of Andy Robinson Andy Robinson Head of Engineering @ OpenTrack
  • AppPack has worked well on several of our large projects that we have. I can't even begin to image how much time and effort it would take to make our own custom solution. Using AppPack allows us to focus more on the application we're building and spend less time worrying about DevOps.

    Photo of Nikolaj Baer Nikolaj Baer Director Of Technology @ Cuker Agency
  • Having a code-free deployment solution has been a massive productivity gain for us. We can spin up brand new applications far more quickly, with no involvement from the ops side of the house. One of the biggest advantages for us has been the ability to run expensive jobs in separate containers with more resources - that still feels almost magical. Overall, we have more visibility into and control over our infrastructure than ever before.

    Photo of Scot Hacker Scot Hacker Senior Software Engineer @ Energy Solutions
  • Apppack has really let us level-up our Django applications, giving us a Heroku-like developer experience, but with our own AWS account and resources! It's a great product for those looking to streamline their DevOps. Highly recommended!

    Photo of Brent O'Connor Brent O'Connor Co-Founder & Director of Engineering @ Canopy
Illustration of AppPack's AWS integration

Your apps. Your data.

With AppPack, your code, data, and secrets never leave the security of your AWS account. AppPack leverages EventBridge to create an event-driven orchestration layer for your application pipelines. It detects changes in your environment and responds accordingly via a limited-access IAM Role.

Reduce operating costs

Save money over expensive hosted PaaS providers while keeping the benefits of an internal self-service app platform for your team. Reduce maintenance toil by leveraging AWS managed services.

AppPack enabled our transition from a PaaS to internal AWS resources, allowing us to realize a 50% savings in addition to increased uptime and platform performance. It's become an invaluable tool in management of AWS.

Photo of <span title="Real client under NDA">Kevin</span> Kevin Manager of Global Web Strategy @ Fortune 1000

Why AppPack?

Supercharge your developers with the benefits of a highly evolved managed DevOps platform. No upfront costs and no specialized knowledge required.

icon for Developer productivity

Developer productivity

Remove operational hurdles by giving your development team a self-service platform that works. With AppPack, they can focus on code instead of infrastructure, CI pipelines, etc.

icon for High availability

High availability

Health checks, zero downtime deploys, self-healing infrastructure, and availability across multiple availability zones.

icon for Security


AppPack is fully compliant with CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark and AWS Foundational Security Best Practices.

icon for Flexibility


Deploy quickly from 8 major languages via Heroku-compatible Buildpacks or bring your own Dockerfile. Built-in integration with RDS Postgres databases, S3 file storage, SES email, and SQS Queues or integrate with anything else in your AWS account.

icon for GitHub integration

GitHub integration

Automatically trigger the continuous delivery pipeline on every push. Build and deployment status are reported back to GitHub and build ephemeral review apps right from your pull requests.

icon for Observability


Out-of-the-box, you'll get robust log aggregation and querying as well as a full metrics suite via Cloudwatch.


Save up to 50% over Heroku. Pay AWS directly for app resources. AppPack only charges based on the users in your AppPack account.

No credit card required.

  • Team $25 per user / month

    • Single AWS Account
    • Unlimited Apps
    • Private Networking
    • Email Support
    • Review Apps
  • Pro $35 per user / month

    • Single AWS Account
    • Unlimited Apps
    • Private Networking
    • Email Support
    • Unlimited Review Apps
  • Enterprise Contact us Everything in Pro, plus…

    • Multiple AWS accounts
    • Single Sign-On
    • Private Slack Support
    • White Glove Migration Services