Your App Platform on AWS

Secure, fast, and easy app deployment inside your own AWS account.

AWS Native

Built on top of Amazon Web Service's rock-solid managed services to minimize maintenance and operations burden.

Complete Delivery Pipeline

Get a full zero-downtime continuous delivery system — build, test, release, deploy — on day one with almost no configuration.


Save money by scaling your app to match traffic demands. Automatically replace failed instances.

Your Apps. Your Data.

With AppPack, your code and data never leave the security of your AWS account. AppPack leverages EventBridge to create an event-driven orchestration layer for your application pipelines. It detects changes in your environment and responds accordingly via a limited-access IAM Role.

Reduce Operating Costs

Save money over expensive hosted PaaS providers while keeping the benefits of an internal self-service app platform for your team. Reduce maintenance toil by leveraging AWS managed services.

Why Choose AppPack

Supercharge your developers with the benefits of a highly evolved managed DevOps platform. No upfront costs and no specialized knowledge required.

Developer Productivity

Remove operational hurdles by giving your development team a self-service platform that works. With AppPack, they can focus on code instead of infrastructure, CI pipelines, etc.

High Availability

Health checks, zero downtime deploys, self-healing infrastructure, and availability across multiple availability zones.


Deploy quickly from 8 major languages via Heroku-compatible Buildpacks. Built-in integration with RDS Postgres databases, S3 file storage, SES email, and SQS Queues or integrate with anything else in your AWS account.

GitHub Integration

Automatically trigger the continuous delivery pipeline on every push. Build and deployment status are reported back to GitHub and build ephemeral review apps right from your pull requests.


Out-of-the-box, you'll get robust log aggregation and querying as well as a full metrics suite via Cloudwatch.